I've Been There!


As one of a handful of female executives in a Silicon Valley technology company, I was leading a top-performing team known to provide best-in-class services and solutions for our employees and customers.

My team and I were regularly sought out across the company business units for our advice and best practices. I was consistently rated by the executive team in the top 10% of performers, earned exceptional employee retention/managerial approval rating scores year after year, and I was trusted by senior executives globally.  

In parallel, my husband and I had been navigating first-time parenthood in our 40’s after a very trying 6-year infertility journey. I had everything that I had yearned for and worked so hard for.  Yet I could not understand why I was angry, tired, overwhelmed, lonely, and overweight. 

I was becoming less and less effective in my job and, more importantly, in my life despite my hard work and achievements. I needed to reboot my life and took a leave of absence. It was a humbling, scary, uncertain time requiring a huge leap of faith. 

Through rest, meditation, therapy, Brene Brown courses and Danielle LaPorte teachings I became clear that I was out of alignment with my core desired feelings. I wasn't being honest with myself, for that matter. I had been eating my discomfort and plugging along.    

The inner work I did during the reboot has come to be known as Brave Wisdom in my circle.

Committing myself to self-care and honesty about the negative feelings I didn't want to admit to has radically changed my life. 

My core desired feelings are now guideposts for living. I am 85 pounds lighter and more engaged at work and at home.    

I am honored to share my learnings in service of career minded professionals  and their families. 

My goal is to help you re-imagine your life and let go of thoughts and behaviors that undermine you, so that a renewed and fulfilled you can emerge.    

With extensive experience as a coach and a vast history of client success, my individualized approach will help you attain your goals and live the life you desire!




My Brave Wisdom Journey

BRAVE WISDOM is taking the steps necessary to put your self-care on the priority list without it being one more "to do".  It is about listening to your hearts desires and being supported in your plan to reboot your life into what you want it to be.  I have been there and back.  I know what worked and what was a waste of energy.  

Brave Wisdom DEFINEd



  • Asking for help and support from my colleagues and my family  
  • Acting out of faith and being vulnerable in the process  
  • Doing the work necessary to uncover what was in my way  
  • Building a framework to live in alignment with my core desired feelings  


  • Looking for and embracing quiet introspective moments  
  • Listening to my body and connecting to my higher power  
  • Building a team to support me - business coach, therapist, babysitter, weight loss program

A Life Changing Book


Is there a book sitting on your coffee table or bookshelf that changed your life? A book that vibrates with power. Pure transformational energy.  

There are a couple of books like that for me. One of them is The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte.

Before I read Danielle’s book, this is how I felt about goal setting and my life:  

Career focused goals were most important and easiest to track.

The longer the list the more chance to get the "check it off the list" (Dopamine) feeling.  Then, I read this book and almost overnight, big changes started to happen for me.

I realized I never paused to get clear on why I set those goals and what feeling I was chasing.

I started paying attention to how I felt, pausing to reflect and connect to myself, then deciding what I should spend my time on.  

I let go of anxiety, excess weight (mental and physical) and a lot of my co-dependent tendencies.

The way we set goals is the way we live our lives. Your goals are your plans. 

They’re your vision for your future (and probably, your family’s future, too). Did you choose that vision on purpose? With clarity and confidence?  

Are your goals based on your heart’s true desires, or what society tells you that you should want? Are your goals driven by your core desired feelings, or by the expectations your friends or family have of you?

Read The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, and answer those questions for yourself.  

When you get clear on the way you most want to feel and you make life choices based on those core desired feelings, well… I can speak from experience and say that EVERYTHING changes.  

Life gets brighter, clearer, more fulfilling. Life feels better!  

I’m wishing that for you — today and always.