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Lisa coaches with backbone and heart. It’s the foundation where the results and development happen. 

Here are a few recent testimonials from clients leading others in different job levels and job scope.

Since coaching with Lisa, what are some of the tangible results you’ve experienced in your life?  

“I am better at my job. I am more relaxed and more focused with the decisions I was making. I’m able to come to high risk decisions more quickly with less internal debate.” I’ve made a lot of progress. EVP 

What advice do you have for others considering coaching with Lisa?

“I’d say…congrats on your promotion! Your job has now changed. The stakes are higher, it's risky or it's more complicated. I coaching you're investing in yourself and setting yourself up for not only a thought partner but also faster, quicker results and more solid grounding as you dive into this bigger more complex role. Lisa is a great coach and advisor for times like these.” EVP 

Why do you recommend Lisa as a coach?

"I don't think anyone should make big decisions without consulting with a coach such as Lisa. Your career and personal well-being are too incredibly valuable not to do so. I appreciated how Lisa didn't tell me what to do...she simply prompted me to figure that out for myself. I've never received coaching/advice as valuable as my work with Lisa. Yes, the magnitude of my specific situation was part of the reason...but I feel that Lisa's help was invaluable, partly for the tactical advice...and partly for the mental preparation."  Senior Director

What was one of your favorite aspects of coaching?

“Honest conversations and offering a different perspective. Every time I had an issue – Lisa encouraged me to think about it from different perspectives/ put myself in the shoes of the other person. This enabled me to have more effective conversations and focus on the things that mattered.

I believe Karma had a big role to play in Lisa becoming my coach last year. It was my first year transitioning from being an individual contributor to building and managing a regional team. The VP of HR recommended I work with her since she had experience doing what I was about to – and our primary goal was her helping me “clone” myself. She coached me as I grew the team from 2 to 11 and the best gift she gave me in the process is the realization that “cloning” was an incorrect goal that reflected the mindset of an individual contributor and “coaching a team” so that each member can bring their best to the table is how great teams are built! And as a true coach – she let me get to that conclusion on my own without ever forcing me to see things a certain way.” Director

Since coaching with Lisa, what are some of the tangible results you’ve experienced in your life?  

“My confidence level has improved and I’m able to make a very tangible connection to my confidence level and how I show up on the job. I was able to manage a highly visible and complex customer facing project while remaining calm and in a leadership role, working my different power sources (learned through coaching) and really consciously thinking about what I was doing and how I was showing up.” Senior Manager


Group Workshops

What compelled you to go this event? Lisa as a facilitator - she's amazing! What was your experience at the event? Lit up! Energized! Fulfilled. Supported. Cared For. Sparkly. Greatest takeaway? Releasing fear of the unknown allows me to fill up with my core desires! It creates the space for that life force to be activated. (L. Marin, CA)

What compelled you to go? Looking for some clarity on my purpose in life (professionally & personally). What was your experience? Loved it! I enjoyed the concept, the safe community we created, hearing from others was helpful in my reflection. The environment was cozy & calm, which was great! Would you recommend to a friend? Absolutely! (S. San Jose, CA)

What was your experience at the event? It felt like I was with a room of loving sisters ... Lisa held the event at a unique venue that every attendee participated fully as a result of the \"vibe\" Lisa created (and likely the materials we were enmeshed in). Would you recommend this experience to a friend? absolutely !!!  (J. Bay Area, CA)

What compelled you to go to this event? Needed a refuel day What was your experience? Lovely, Lisa did a great instructing and guiding us. What was your greatest takeaway? Taking time for me & bring fulfilled in where I am. Would you recommend this experience to a friend? Absolutely (F. Campbell, CA)

What was your experience at the event? Enlightening. It was interesting to me to see many other women had the same desires/fears as me. I definitely want to explore this to see if I can make a positive change in my attitude and outlook. What was your greatest takeaway? I need to the "why" of how I'm feeling (H. San Jose, CA)

What was your experience at the event? AMAZING to see the transformation of others and feel it myself. What was your greatest takeaway? Increased energy, centeredness, passion, hope, connectedness. Would you recommend this experience to a friend? YES! (B. San Francisco, CA)

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