Influence & Communication Programs


For global leaders influencing up, down, across and outside the organization.

The INFLUENCE ROADMAP® is a three-session highly interactive global webinar series that gives leaders the practical tools to make influencing painless, uncomplicated, and second nature. 

Leaders come away from The INFLUENCE ROADMAP® with the tools to confidently influence others even in the most difficult situations.

The program is delivered in three 2-hour live webinars plus 16 supplemental video modules that leaders at the VP, director, manager, or individual contributor level can access anytime, anywhere. The unique combination of facilitator-led interactive webinars, case discussions during each session, two self-assessments, live demonstrations of influence skills tailored to participants’ situations, short pre- and post-work assignments that encourage learning application, plus the ultra-short videos with anytime, anywhere access make the skills learned in the program immediately useful. Using our step-by-step process for strategy and delivery of your influence plan, and our complete set of tools, assessments, worksheets, exercises, guides, models and checklists, leaders leave with both short- and long-term influence strategies for achieving desired outcomes, and gain the tools to put those strategies into action.

Leaders use the The INFLUENCE ROADMAP® learnings to:

  • Get buy-in for their proposals from crucial stakeholders
  • Increase their impact inside and outside their organization
  • Capitalize on their 6 main sources of power
  • Navigate the rough terrain of office politics with confidence and ease
  • Recognize saboteurs and neutralize parties aiming to block their proposals
  • Guide conversations so that decision makers’ concerns and objections are addressed and turned around
  • Be known as a person of influence

The program also includes post-program access to the 16 video modules for one year. And, the interactive webinar format and lively group discussions allow coworkers from around the world to interact with one another in the program.

Program Content

Master Your Strategy

  • The difference between simple and strategic Influence situations and how to put the right plan in motion for each.
  • The 3 must-haves for every influence conversation and why you can’t succeed without them.
  • The 4 critical categories of people who matter in your influence situation and how to get them lined up strongly behind you.
  • Proven ways to handle tough road blockers.
  • 10 reasons decision makers say no and what you can do to change their minds.

Master Your Delivery

  • How to frame an influence conversation in advance so that the decision maker is open to what you have to say
  • The 3 critical elements you must include when pitching your proposal that keep your audience fully engaged and interested throughout
  • A method for guiding the conversation so that the decision maker’s concerns and objections become non-issues
  • How to close a discussion cleanly so that implementation is assured
  • Tips and techniques to boost your influence effectiveness

Master Yourself

  • How to capitalize on your 6 main sources of power to boost your influence in the organization
  • Beliefs that cause you to fail as an influencer and how to turn those limiting beliefs into positive perspectives
  • The simple sound-bite strategy for getting known
  • Tips for how to adjust your communication so that you’re seen as a person of influence
  • A 3-step method for staying confident, calm, and in control when any conversation heats up or gets difficult
  • Your immediate next steps as an influencer


Highly recommended!

This training [The Influence Roadmap] is of very high value and can significantly improve the quality of AC day-to-day work in the field. Highly recommended!

—Dmitry Radchenko, Applications Consultant, Synopsys, Moscow

The best on-line training class I have taken!

The best on-line training class I have taken!I found it interactive, relevant, and convenient. I highly recommend it.

—Mark Pellowski, SVP Finance, Informatica

It was one of the best programs I have been through.

What great tools I now have to use in influencing! The short video clips for each topic, case studies and articles, and the WebEx meetings with breakouts all contributed to a higher level of learning. It was one of the best programs I have been through.

—Cindy Olsen, Chief People Officer, Rubicon Project

Why do you recommend The Influence Roadmap?

"I felt that it dealt with really difficult issues honestly and didn't dodge the issues of politics and personal characteristics, which are often glossed over in this type of class. Also didn't shy away from personal promotion - again something which many courses would not tackle or might be seen as politically incorrect." 


Why do you recommend The Influence Roadmap?

 "The course material serves as a compelling reference checklist to help everyone in an organization communicate and work together effectively through difficult situations so as to get the best outcome for the company. It also helps each individual be more aware of and better prepared for crucial conversations and also be more cognizant of his/her own personal traits."