About Us

Lisa and Randy Duerre

Combined we have over 40 years  business, management, and leadership experience.  

We formed RLD Group, LLC to answer the calling we felt to be in business together, leveraging our strengths to be of service to people wanting more out of life.

About Lisa

As one of a handful of female executives in a Silicon Valley technology company, I led a top-performing team known for providing best-in-class services and solutions for our employees and customers. I’ve also spent a majority of my career coaching and developing senior leaders to achieve their career and business goals. I enjoy leveraging my experience and expertise to help women get clear on their innate strengths and uncover the limiting beliefs in their way.   I left the corporate world to answer my calling to be of service and share the tools and techniques I’ve used personally to transform my life.   20+ years of leadership in the technology industry. Working with and for Field Engineers, Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, IT, and Operations functions globally.  I also provide leadership development, influence training, and executive coaching to corporate clients through LeaderXpress, where I am a managing partner. 

About Randy

Experienced Science & Engineering Project Management Professional. Over 20 years of experience managing projects, budgets, and personnel in support of highly complex construction projects & scientific experiments. Known for excellent people & project management skills, highly technical troubleshooting skills, focus on budget, and inherent ability to coordinate resources while achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. Demonstrated ability to creatively and practically apply engineering concepts and tools in the design, fabrication, maintenance, and troubleshooting of technical systems. Passion for technology, engineering, fabrication, prototyping, and project deliverables.